Decorating a 24sq unit Condo – L Layout

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L Layout

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  1. Hi! I saw your amazing layouts of a 24 sqm condo unit. I wonder what happened to your condo? Can you post photos of what your condo look like now? What design did you use? I’m thinking of buying a small unit and your designs are perfect! Thank you.

    • Dear Janelle,

      My condo has been turned over to me last year, but its still a work in progress, so I don’t want to post any pictures yet. I have sort of combined the different layouts together.

      Well, good luck to your condo purchase! I hope my ideas will be useful to your interior decorating. 🙂


  2. Hi hello I saw the layout I like it ..I buy condo 24square meter I don’t how to divid the space coz I wAnt put a division for my room pls cAn you give some ideas about it

    • Dear Madelaine,
      Glad you like the layout. I There are a lots of ways to divide a room. You can use sliding doors, decorative shelves , curtains, furniture or ready made room dividers. I’ve seen some nice interior design blogs where you can get ideas from (e.g. surf for “desire to inspire”, smallspacestyle, IKEA or simply google for ‘room partitions or dividers’). You can also check out condo model units. They actually have nice ideas for small spaces. The magazine ‘Real Living’ also have some pretty good ideas for decorating space. Hope my suggestions help you. Happy decorating!

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