About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.  I haven’t really given much time to write about myself.  I guess because I have a busy work life.  But when I do find time, I blog about things which interest me.  Right now, it’s all about interior decorating and design.  Something which I have become passionate about, although my background is really in graphic design.  I’m actually interested in so many things ‘creative’.   It just so happens now, I like to blog about interior design.  But who knows, maybe next time, I’ll blog about something else.   Hopping from one interest to the other makes me a happy person!  🙂

Please feel free to browse and make comments.  I would love to hear from you.

  1. Hi do you still do drawning of geeky girls? like the drawing you did in 2007.

    Kind regards

    • Hi, David, actually never had to chance to draw geekgirl again after this. Although I really wanted to introduce new poses. Why did you ask?

  2. Canyou give me ur contact number or e-mail address? I am having the same problem with a condo that was just turnover to me.

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