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3D Layout Of My Condo Unit

In Design on December 23, 2007 at 1:43 pm

I finally made the 3D layout of my condo unit, using Better Homes and Gardens Home Design Software. I’m not an interior designer, but since I purchased a condo, I needed to find a way to visualize how I want my space to look. So I purchased this interior design software from the net. It’s quite good for non-professionals like me.I started by drawing the floorplan, specifying the dimensions, and placing furnitures and fixtures from the library.


Then with the camera mode in the software, it tranforms the floorplan into a 3D view. Other objects where placed during the 3D mode.


This area of the condo has a 3-in-1 function. It serves as the kitchen, dininig and workstation. I made sure that there were a lot cabinets and shelves for storage, since it’s a small space.


Above is the closer view of my workstation/office nook which is somewhat connected to the dining table. The idea is being able to convert the dining table to a work table, if needed. The dining is separated from the bedroom and living area using roller curtains or blinds. I chose roller blinds instead of sliding partitions probably because they might be cheaper to make and they need less space because you can just roll them up or down. I thought of adding a full height curtain partition which reaches up to the ceiling between the bedroom and the kitchen/dining area because I hate the smell of frying oil. The partition will hopefully be contained in the kitchen. (Not certain if this will work, but hopefully it will.)

Below is the bedroom/living area. I haven’t perfected the bedroom yet. For one, the tv is below eye level. It’s my fault, I raised the bed so I could add drawers to the base.


Below is the dollhouse view of the condo unit.


Here’s the glass house mode of the bathroom.


And here is the closet which took me hours to make (because I was still learning the software)! I figured that the closet needs to be close to the bathroom. The same way hotels do it. The only setback is it eats up the space of the hallway which is already small.