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The Making of Geek Girl

In Design, Items of Interest on December 8, 2007 at 1:59 pm

I wanted to create a blog site about interesting stuff I discover in the net. My main objective is really to share it with other people who may be interested in the same things as I do. So while I was pondering about this, I decided to create a character for the blog site—sort of my heroine.

I made a few sketches of how I want my character to look like, and this picture just popped in to my head and I drew it. It’s not really hard to guess how she should look like.


Then I went further, and draw her sitting down tapping on her laptop.


Then I traced my sketches in Adobe Illustrator and rendered it in Adobe Photoshop. I made a few tweaks here in and there, but I’m quite happy with the way my heroine turned out. Here’s my final digital illustration of Geek Girl.


I’ll probably make a few more tweaks as I go on. Probably improve her shoes and the background. But I intentionally left out the eyes and the mouth. I don’t know…but I just think she’s cute that way.