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Mini Homes

In Design on January 17, 2010 at 4:54 am

Living in mini or even micro homes is becoming a trend in the U.S. and perhaps, in Canada too.

Jay Shafer. The Tumbleweed HouseI watched these videos of mini or micro homes. One of the homes was already featured in Oprah. The owner is Jay Shafer, and he calls his house as Tumbleweed. Literally, it’s a mini-house on wheels.

A really small space but surprising enough, it has all the basic parts of the house such as the kitchen and dining, T&B, bedroom, and a porch too!

What’s nice about these mini homes is that it is mobile and you don’t need to worry about rent or mortgages as long as you have a place to park your house on. 😛

This is taking small space living to the extreme! Houses are really cute, cost efficient, and has less environmental impact. PLUS! You also save on the cleaning. 😛 I’m just not sure if it’s the right house for claustrophobics.

See Jay’s Tiny House:

Another mini-home which I found fascinating. It’s solar-powered.

I think small spaces are harder to decorate. You have to be clever in designing furnitures and storage systems, and they need to be strategically located, as every inch of space matters. For me though, I like the idea of small space living. 🙂